Wake Up Now Job Opportunity Application

     Referred by: Stephon S. Beckham

Wake Up Now's The Establishment Group is looking for new people to train to teach others how to be financially independent. The job requires no experience as we will train you. If you are determined to learn how to be financially free and have a desire to teach others, please take a few minutes to complete the application.

If considered for a position, you will be contacted within 48 hours

Does being told "No" frustrate you?

Are you currently working?

Would you be comfortable accepting a commission based position?

Do you know what Residual Income means?

Do you have a computer or laptop with internet service?

Do you like to save money?

Do you like to read magazines?

Do you like to travel and/or go on vacations?

Have you ever thought about learning a second language if able?

Would you like to have your identity protected from thieves?

Do you work well with a team?

Do you know at least 5 people who wold like to save some money and make money at the same time?

Would you be willing to pay $99 to cover your training materials and savings package if considered for this position?

Company Objective

Our mission is to help you Save, Manage, and Make money.